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Mosaic Gallery

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Red Charger Mosaic

Canvas and Mosaic

Sunset Mosaic

Framed Leaf Mosaic

Tabletop Mosaic

Mosaic Backsplash

Wall Mosaic

Mosaic Fireplace

Antique Charger Mosaic

Deer Mosaic

Mosaic Bench

Mosaic Floor

 Mosaic Fireplace

 Mosaic Wall Hanging

 Mosaic Built In Cabinet

 Mosaic Lakefront

 Mosaic Mailbox

Mosaic Fountain

    While studying mosaics, I found myself becoming completely absorbed with it's materials.  I love that little pieces of various colored glass can come together to create a beautiful picture!  This art form has tremendous movement and is constantly changing.  It is one of my favorite mediums to work in.  My mosaic projects have been set into kitchen backsplashes, floors, furnishings, ceilings, wall tiles, picture frames, serving trays, etc.  I am currently incorporating my designs into other media and the outcome has proven very successful!  Whether fulfilling a specific client request or fashioning my own creation, the results are often very dramatic, surprising and delightful not only to my clients but also to myself.  They are truly a " labor of love".

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